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ISBN 961-6553-06-2

Ambasada Strip, 2006, 72 pages, b/w, format 19x27 cm.

This graphic novel about "safe sex suits, buildings that eat people, drunken foetuses with bazookas, money that shits on you, and recyclable bodies" became an instant classic and has so far been published in eleven languages.

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Bosanski splošcenec

2 koluta 2011, 112 pages, b/w, format 22,5 x 17 cm, ISBN 978-961-92992-3-4

A unique collaboration between Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson resulted in this graphic novel-length piece of surreal comics journalism, erasing and re-drawing the borders between dream and reality to form a tale both sincere and fantastic. Also contains an extensive illustrated glossary, a preface by Štefan Skledar and maps of Ex-Yugoslavia and Sarajevo like you never saw them before (and never will again)!

"This is a damned compelling book if you want a read that will wake you up and not lull you to sleep."
Win Wiaciek, Now Read This!

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Anthology showcasing the independent comics scene of what used to be called Eastern Europe as well as international artists.
Stories by Max Andersson appear in issues #21, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43.


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