Gallery / Titoland




Exhibition of the film sets from the animated documentary TITO ON ICE. More than fifty different sets populated by countless characters, animals, vehicles and props were built for the stop motion segments of the film. The raw material for this monumental creation was exclusively garbage. Discarded packages, cigarettes (used), toilet paper (not used), and broken household appliances all became part of the vast trash universe that now fills approximately over one third of the movie. Every version of this installation is modified to fit the specific character of the location.

So far, the show has been presented in Ljubljana (Kino Dvor as part of the Animateka festival), twice in Berlin (Haus der Berliner Festspiele and Neurotitan), in Beirut (Metropolis Art Cinema as part of Beirut Animated film festival) and Liège (ESA Saint-Luc).

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