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Car-Boy is an ordinary little boy who lives with his parents in a house in something that looks like a kind of suburb in a desert. The only unusal thing about him is that his head somehow resembles the front of an old car. But on the other hand, all the neighborhood children also have heads in the shape of different vehicles - like his best friends Tractor-Girl and Wreck-Boy.
Car-Boy likes to explore the world around him - he makes friends with
the bathroom faucet, a lonely car, and X-son the gas pump detective. He feels
strongly for all kinds of things and objects, and tries to help them whenever he sees
that they're being treated unjustly or cruelly.
Often, by accident, he finds horrible secrets and conspiracies going on under the
seemingly happy surface of his environment, but because of his good nature and creative
mind he usually finds a way to save himself and his friends out of every dangerous situation.
Even when things go badly wrong, like when his parents are accidentally killed, he soon
manages to turn things to the better by growing meat-trees, and a meat-child, out of
their dead bodies down in the basement.

Page from album published in English (Death & Candy), German (Container #1), Japanese, Spanish (Car-Boy-el niño coche), French (Lamort & Cie), Swedish (Döden) and Czech (Kontejner):


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